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 Choose the Award Winning  IP 500 or IP 2500
Introducing Wave 5.1!


Smart Bundled Applications   High Performance Add-on Applications   Enterprise Mobility
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Recording
  • Visual Voice Mail
  • Exchange Sync for Contacts & VMail
  • Instant Messaging & IM Conference
  • Mobile Device Support
  • MeetMe Conference Manager
  • Presence Management
  • ViewPoint Desktop Call Manager
  • Vertical Cloud Connect
  • Remote Administration
  • Customer Survey IVR
  • Appointment Reminder IVR
  • Contact Center
  • Voice Server
  • Fax Manager
  • Call Classifier
  • LiveImage Backup
  • Wave Net Multi-site Manager
  • Campaign Tracker IVR


  Wave ViewPoint Mobile lets you take your office on the road. Just download the Smartphone versions for Android and iPhone.

ViewPoint Mobile is simple to use and provides unprecedented control over your phone call.

Click here for a quick video overview.

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Wave is IP at its core. When configured as a pure IP solution, Wave’s integrated SIP server and native gateway resources provide a complete, standards-based IP telephony infrastructure for next-generation SIP applications and network services. Wave supports Vertical SIP IP endpoints, SIP-based PBX and applications networking, SIP trunks and IP-based remote administration.